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What can you do with LightScore?
LightScore is an ultrasound barcode that can be encoded into a unique audio stream. Any device with a speaker can transmit it and most devices with a microphone can decode them. Can complement existing networking technologies or to work in offline environments, enabling device to device interactions and connecting non networked but audio-capable equipment. LightScore does not require to go through any server and the encoding take place in the device self.

Fan empowerment

Online and offline

We can engage the spectators by synchronizing the sponsor's message, information, safety measures, team alignment, voting for the best player, coupons or we create a light show to celebrate or welcome the teams or music band.

Next stage

After wearables

We are actually replacing the wearables like bracelets or NFC.
All the wearables  engagement scenarios can take place with the visitors smartphones by triggering these actions using Ultrasound, IoT or Wifi, both online and offline


Activation through Ultrasound

With a synchronized pixel activation through Ultrasound, IoT or WiFi the public becomes an active part of the show.
We can trigger this action offline using Ultrasound proximity technology at the place of the event, or sync the game or event for the broad public worldwide


Full audience measurement

Sound is located everywhere. Wherever there is an audio source we can create interactivity and measure the client’s actions to understand their behaviour.


Create new sponsorship channels

LightScore is designed as a new sponsorship channel for brands in the music or sports industries. Suddenly the sponsor's message becomes relevant and targeted and is associated with new revolutionary and innovative technologies.

LightScore notifications

Next stage after Push

Pixels notifications get the attention that deserves. Now the user is actively reminded of an event in an engaging and fun way. We sync the party or game and we let the user know that his/her team have scored, that the band started playing, that the teams enter the field or that the flight is boarding


The spectators become part of the show

Using the screens of the smartphones as pixels, we perform light shows at sporting, music or any other event. Our audience suddenly wakes up and begins to be an active part of the show. LightScore is an innovative, personalized and low cost solution with very simple operative facility for the event organizers without the need of any other extra hardware.

For Sports

Engage, notify, reward

Create pixel light shows with Ultrasound, send offline notifications, rewards, coupons, tickets, check in and measure your audience or sync the game or event with a broad public

For Music

Engage and connect with your audience

Embed Ultrasound audio barcodes in the speaker or music and turn it into a marketing broadcast or information tool. Create a community building experience, gamification, voting or rewards.
Check in visitors or send them coupons or tickets. 

For Events

Audio networking

Offline peer to peer connectivity. It works great in situations where there is no other network access.
On-device encoding doesn't require a server call to decode an audio barcode.

For Performance

An active public is part of the experience

The app encodes the audio signal in the mobile device without servers, activates the phone pixels and turn into an engaging lights show experience.
We can also send offline and redeem coupon and tickets through the sound system or through IoT transmitters.

For Bars

Marketing in the music

Engage and reward your customers, invite them to come again by embedding marketing actions in the music the venue plays.
Send digital offline redeemable coupons in any venue. In the places where there is no sound source available we can use IoT devices.

For Fashion

The catwalk in the phone

Sync the catwalk with the phone by embedding the collection, information or showl ights in the sound system or IoT devices.

Selfie tickets and vouchers

fun and engaging

Selfie tickets

send tickets offline

Your public will generate a ticket with a selfie. The user with the smartphone is the most common tool for social engagement and interaction!

Selfie vouchers

Send deals with the sound or IoT

Welcome visitors and attendees with a deal, the app will guide them to create a voucher with a selfie.
Is fun and a very massive social tool

Redeem offline

No extra hardware needed

Redeem tickets and deals at the event door or store within the app. The entire flow is offline.
Once redeemed is deleted and can not be used again

LightScore pixel notifications

pixels instead of words

The next stage after text messages is an engaging and fun way to send notifications by activating  the pixels in the smartphone. It is guaranteed that will draw the full attention of the users. 

Pixels notifications

Follow the games you subscribe to without looking for an online update.
When your team scores your phone will wake up and tell you that is time to celebrate.


We follow the event or game for you.
You just need to approve and subscribe the notifications that we are going to send you.
The whole experience is fun and joyful


The public is now part of the event and not a passive bystander. We encourage them into an active participation


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